Monday, May 5, 2008



Despite the fact that the May 5, 2008 Time Magazine, with its split picture of Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's face halves -- like a schizophrenic Democrat -- has been on my office desk and bugging me for the last week, I am as of today faced with a decision coming up shortly as to which Republicans to vote for in the Oregon Primary. This is because I received my Republican mail-in ballot today. (I could have changed my party affiliation to Democrat but I didn't know how to go about it so put it off until it was too late.)

I pulled out the ballot and looked at it briefly, shaking my head before putting it back in the envelope. For President, I have the choice between John McCain and Ron Paul. There is space to write in someone else's name. I wonder what would happen if I wrote in Barack Obama's? LOL!

As for the Senatorial candidate, I have the choice of Gordon Smith -- a Mormon, but one who I feel has done a good job in the Senate and who I voted for initially because I believed he was the best man for the job. Those who have read my blog regularly know my reservations when it comes to Mormons holding office due to some of their beliefs and primary allegiances. Most of these concerns for the most part surfaced in my mind after Mitt Romney ran for President. I see no reason why they should apply to Gordon Smith, however. It is a different situation and an entirely different person. Besides, his opponent is totally unknown to me.

Then there is the congressional race. The two men that I know anything about in that contest (there are three running) are Mike Erickson and Kevin Mannix, and I haven't been impressed with either one over the last years, when both have run for office and lost. From what I can see in Mike Erickson's ads, I don't believe he has a real positive presence. Kevin Mannix hasn't been running any ads yet. I suppose he will as May 20th draws hear.

I'm really too tired to deal with voting for anyone today. The Vicodin had me out like a light before lunch, and I will need to take another one in about 45 minutes. I will be glad when my arm stops hurting without the pain killer, as I don't want to get hooked on it. (I am due to run a few errands in the next couple of days and I most likely will have to do without the pain killer during that time.)

What's weird about my arm is that there is pain radiating from my upper arm -- the site of the injury -- to my previously broken right elbow to then tingle in my hand and fingers. I guess it's a very strange result of my injury.


I love the cat cartoon above. I am getting lots of phone calls from the same numbers (one actually reads 0000000000) and I am sure that -- since no messages have been left -- they are political calls. To me, these are totally missable! ;-)


I need to go on and make a pot of decaf and eat a piece of whole grain bread. My eating habits have jelled enough to basically become good ones so that they are producing better fasting blood sugars than before. I continue to be mostly in the 130-140 range.

I had a note from the Physician's Assistant who is taking over for my doctor for now. (She said my doctor has had knee surgery.) She wants me to come in for return bloodwork in 2 months. Hopefully, I will have continued to have good results by then. Plus there is the arrival of my diabetic cookbook, expected sometime in the next week or so. I am pinning a lot of high hopes on that, too.

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