Saturday, May 24, 2008

LAMANNA LOST!You may recall the campaign phone message I got


You may recall the campaign phone message I got from a "chief of police" campaigning for Rick LaManna for county sheriff, which scared me at first because I was afraid something bad had happened to a family member. I had pretty much forgotten about that until I had an e-mail post about it from one of the members of one list I'm on as she was trying to catch up on old mail. She had told me previously that she thought I should have complained about the upsetting phone message but I had been unwilling to do so. In this particular post, she said she had forgotten the reason I had given for not complaining; I wanted to drop the subject as it was pretty old (this person drives subjects into the ground at times) and also I did have a valid reason for not doing so: I had erased the message and so I didn't have all of the information I would have needed in order to make a credible complaint.

This lady's question did prompt me to do a Google search on the election results and I found them on the Canby Herald online site, saying that LaManna had lost to the incumbent, Craig Roberts, by a tremendous amount. The numbers given at the Canby Herald site (and I don't know if they are final) give Roberts about 39,000 votes and LaManna about 8,000. In my opinion, that's about 8,000 too many. ;-) Still, this was a very satisfying outcome to me.

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