Saturday, May 31, 2008



The Challenge this go-round among the Round Robins is to photograph tiny things. This was indeed a challenge to me because my camera sometimes rebels at taking pictures of very small items, but I have done my best here. (To see the following shots larger, click on them to go to my Flickr site, where you can also specify to see them even larger.) The first two are of the tiny cat on the necklace that my son Tony, DIL Kamie, and grandsons Michael and Alex gave me for my birthday, and then the tiny cat next to the cat figurine it came in, to give you an idea of its size. (The figurine is only about 3-inches long at the most.)

Tiny cat necklace

Cat figurine with tiny cat necklace

The other tiny objects that caught my eye were these three tiny bears. I don't know where they came from, other than that my husband Steve acquired them somewhere (God rest his soul) and he said they represented our three sons. As I was photographing them, Socks became curious and thus I got the second photo of her with her face in the picture. That is fine because, again, it gives you some perspective as to the size of the bears. (And she is not a big cat.)

3 tiny bears

Socks with 3 tiny bears

To find links to other bloggers participating in the Challenge so you can go see the tiny things they have featured, head on over to the Round Robin Photo Challenge site here. Have fun!

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