Sunday, May 25, 2008

MY BIG JOB YESTERDAYThis was how my garage looked yesterday,


This was how my garage looked yesterday, and had looked for several weeks:

Cat scraped off insulation in garage

The cause of the mess was a neighborhood cat that had gotten shut in the garage without my knowing it. The clawing off of the insulation near the only window in the garage was due to the cat's fruitless attempt to get out.

It took me a while to feel up to cleaning up the mess, due to my sore arm and also because I'm not supposed to bend over (doctor's orders). However, since it's just me here, I decided that if it was going to ever be removed, I would have to be the one to do that. I used a dustpan to scoop up much of the insulation. There was a little bit of insulation on my gardening gloves but once I could remove that, I was able to wear them and protect my hands, which helped in completing the cleaning job. Here is a shot of the garbage bag full of the shredded insulation:

Bag of insulation cat scraped off in garage

Since posting the above photos on my Flickr site, my Flickr friend Cynthia commented underneath the first that there was a Flickr group that this picture would be well suited for called "CSI: Cat Scene Investigation", so I posted both of the above pictures there.

I have to say that naturally the trapped cat left some unwanted momentoes of his visit, which I also scooped up with the dustpan. Thankfully, I seem to have foiled his further attempts to get into the garage.

The cleaned up area looks like this:

Cleaned-up garage

I did get tired and feeling like I didn't want to press my luck regarding my health after a bit so there are a few small pieces of insulation remaining, but I will take care of them later. At least the huge mess is gone!

This encourages me as far as other chores that need to be done in the house, especially some messes that Socks has made here in the office while in here during the night. More material for the "CSI: Cat Scene Investigation" group! ;-)


Last night we had the weirdest weather I can recall seeing. A thunderstorm rolled in from the mountains and brought with it some lightning and thunder, although not much hitting near to me. Mostly, I watched out my back door with amazement as the rain drove horizontally across my back yard. I was glad I wasn't out in that! The cats were somewhat spooked by the thunder, with Silver taking to my lap for comfort and Socks running around as if she didn't quite know where to hide. I was glad to see that pass through! Other areas around Portland had fairly good-sized hail, but thankfully it didn't hit us here. Wacky stuff!

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