Thursday, May 15, 2008



I received an invitation the other day from an intern named Lea at, asking if I would allow a picture that would fit an article she was working on called "Female Gamers on the Rise but Where are the Heroines" to be published there. The photo is of my daughters-in-law Steph and Kris playing Wii bowling on Thanksgiving day, 2006. This morning, after some difficulties, I was able to upload the shot (which you can see at the link earlier in this paragraph) to accompany the article. I think it is such a good picture of my them and I am glad they both gave me their permission to allow the shot to be posted.


I have been able to get out clothes to pack for my trip to Bend tomorrow, as few of the ones I am washing in my laundry today are going to be needed as far as taking them along. (I just want to leave here with my chores done.) Since the heat is coming in today and sticking around for a number of days -- both here and in Bend -- I am having to pack mostly light items. I had thought that perhaps I didn't have that many, especially by my favorite clothing manufacturer, By Taylor, but as I looked in various areas of my house (I have closets full of clothes), I found some summer items that I had forgotten buying, and so I will be able to keep from going naked in the heat! LOL! (I wouldn't want to inflict that on anybody!) ;-)

The cats have once again been enjoying reclining in my open suitcase, which is on the dining room table. I even found Stevie in it yesterday, which was a first. Thankfully, they are on the plastic cover that folds over the area where the clothes go, so I won't be getting cat hair on my clothing.

I don't know entirely what we are going to be doing while I'm in Bend, but I called the motel last night to confirm my reservation and I do have a full kitchen, in case it is needed while the kids (youngest son Tony, DIL Kamie, grandsons Michael and Alex) move.

Middle son Jeff will be taking care of my cats and bringing in the mail and the newspaper. It is a relief not to have to worry about that. I appreciate so much when he and his family assist me in this very important way.

I had been concerned about my arm during the trip but it seems quite a bit better today, even without 1/2 a Vicodin. Hopefully, it will hold up for the 3 to 3 1/2-hour drive to Bend.

I still haven't heard anything about possible candidate visits to Bend over the weekend. It would be fun to see Sen. Barack Obama or even Sen. Hillary Clinton in person! But my family comes first.

I hope that, if you are in an area with heat like we are going to have over the next days, that you can stay cool! I'm sure going to try to!

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