Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OH SO SWEETHere is a picture


Here is a picture of the rinsed carton of blueberries that I bought at Costco today:

Rinsed blueberries in carton

My Flickr friend Cynthia (who goes by Philosopher Queen) asked me in a comment what I planned to do with them. I haven't decided yet, although I think I will have blueberry pancakes later on in the week. They are just lovely when eaten plain, and so healthful!


I am wearing a "By Taylor" outfit today for the first time that I bought in Long Beach, Washington last month, and it's cute but it's a 1X. Since I have lost weight, I am swimming in it. I am wearing it anyway, to get my money's worth out of it. It's very cute, and has jumping dolphins on the design patch on the front. I guess it's good to have an outfit to wear in case I regain weight, but the bottoms are capris so they're really more for warmer weather (which, fortunately, we are having right now -- at least in the upper 60's today, I think).


I received the prints from my trip to Bend today, and they are quite good. I am always pleased when I get prints made from my SLR digital shots, as they turn out beautifully. I made about three copies of each shot. I added my portion of the prints to my stack of photos that are awaiting scrapbooking, if I ever get back to that. (My obstacles are Socks and also not having a clue as to which scrapbook of the many that I have is the last one that I was working on.)

Speaking of scrapbooks and Socks, here is a picture of her and Silver that I took last night. She was about to use the scrapbooks as a great launching pad to go after Silver, who was on the coffee table.

Silver with Socks on scrapbooks

I have lost track of how many scrapbooks I have. One day I'll have to count. Sounds like a good project, but also possibly a discouraging one? (I dated and numbered the early ones, but the later ones are not identified.)


Blogger's saving feature is quite iffy today so I'm going to stop here and publish, if I can.

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