Wednesday, May 7, 2008

KEEPING IT COOLThank goodness for warmer weather,


Thank goodness for warmer weather, comparatively speaking, as I have been able to keep the heat way down even during the day. This morning it was under 60 when I left to run my errands; when I got home and felt how cool it was, I turned it up to about 63. I hope my housekeeper Norma didn't freeze while she was here but I imagine she gets pretty warmed up, cleaning! I changed from my heavy cotton top to a sweatshirt after I had unloaded the groceries and I will put a throw over me while I nap in a little while. I am all about conserving fuel!

Speaking of that, I checked the propane tank and it's down to 40% full. I am going to attempt to use great care in not keeping the house too warm unless I should have company, as I don't want to use a lot of propane. (At my business, we aren't using the propane compaany's budget plan and my bookkeeper and nephew, Nick, said that the propane fill-up for the last two months was more than for all of last year combined!)

I truly feel helpless and in some despair when I see the oil company prices hiked up again and again. The other morning, early in the morning, I happened to be somewhat awake and I had the idea of a class action suit against the oil companies, who are raking in record profits. Of course, in the light of day, it didn't seem feasible but I liked the idea as long as I was able to entertain it in my fuzzy brain. LOL!


I do have very good news this morning. My blood pressure was way down! It may have helped that my nurse sister Kathy suggested deep breathing for a minute before I had the blood pressure taken, and my nurse friend Sheila suggested thinking of something funny while on the way. I wasn't able to come up with the funny thought but I did breathe deeply while waiting for the nurse to switch on the blood pressure machine. I can't remember whether the higher number is the systolic or diastolic but it was much better at 112 this morning. (It was 175 last Wednesday.) I can't recall what the lower numbers were. This morning's nurse said, "That's more like it!" and asked me if I had been in a lot of pain the week before. I said I had been and also that my mail had been stolen the day before so I was stressed about that. I came home and threw the high blood pressure literature that Kaiser had sent to me yesterday into the recycling bag. LOL!


Blogger/Google seems to be having some difficulties this morning and I don't know if this will load. I couldn't get the Ziggy to come up. I will try later or maybe post two tomorrow. I won't be posting quite as many for the next while and I will run out in a week or so, since my friend Lynne is on vacation.


I have taken 1/2 a Vicodin and I'm still starting to get sleepy. I am going to be keeping that dosage for a couple of days -- as long as my arm is very sore at all. Last night my hand was very painful and I had to wonder what was going on with it. It seems okay today, though, so I am not going to turn into a hypochondriac as far as what could be wrong when it hurts. It's time to go let Silver know I'm ready for him to nap on my lap.

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