Wednesday, May 28, 2008



There are a few funny thoughts that are expressed here in Oregon when the rain is coming down like it is today. One of those is that Oregonians don't tan, they rust. Another is that we grow webs between our toes. I feel like I'm both rusting and growing webs. ;-)

Fortunately, I was able to get my car washed this morning and into the garage before the rain started to come down. This meant I was also able to keep from bringing my groceries into the house before I got soaked.

My groceries cost me over $60.00, and I didn't get all that much. The high gas prices are trickling down to just about every aspect of our economy. But I don't want to say too much about that subject, because it's one that really irritates me. I'll just say that when my Aunt Joan starts talking about how she and Uncle Bob may fit a trailer to one of their bicycles to use it to go get groceries in Twin Falls if the gas prices become too unaffordable, I get angry, because these are elderly people. Aunt Joan seems young for her age but Uncle Bob has had cancer and is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. I wonder if the oil company producers and executives realize how much hardship they are causing!


I especially love the Ziggies today, as they fit my wacky sense of humor. The man who draws the Ziggy cartoons (and I can't quite read his name at the bottom) is masterful at coming up with fresh, funny ideas. I think I would be well-spooked by a talking toilet, though. As for tire balancing, I have just passed the 6,000 mile mark in my car, and my tires will get rotated (I assume that's the same as balancing them) when I take it in for its 8,000 mile service at the local dealership's fast lube department. (The "fast lube" title is somewhat of a misnomer, because there can sometimes be quite a wait for service there.)


The big news right now is Scott McClellan's tell-all book about the Bush administration, and how we shouldn't be in Iraq. Do tell. This is especially being brought out on CNN today. It's kind of nice to have a distraction from the infernal, eternal electioneering but I wonder if Scott McClellan's book will actually say anything that many of us didn't already suspect. At this point, I don't intend to buy it.

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