Friday, May 23, 2008

EQUAL TIME FOR NOAHI have kind of a strange


I have kind of a strange scanner, as it won't scan every size of picture. I seem to have the best luck on the small ones like the school pictures of grandsons Michael and Alex from Bend, Oregon, that I scanned in and posted the other day, and this one of grandson Noah. Speaking of this picture, I received it from Noah's parents, Jeff and Steph, some time ago, and it has been on my fridge, but last night it occurred to me that I hadn't posted it to my blog. I think it is so very cute and it definitely deserves that equal time.

The picture is from Noah's soccer playing of last year. The back gives his height and weight, his uniform number (5) and his age (5). Also the team he was playing for. Noah is just a couple of months from being 6 and he already looks older than 5, but I think this is a very cute picture of him.


Speaking of children in the family, there is one child, who I won't name here, who according to his mother has been tested as being just below the borderline for having ADHD, ADD, and autism. I am very concerned about this little boy as I think these are some pretty big challenges for him to have. His mother said he is doing well in school regardless, but in being around the little guy, I don't see compassion for or understanding of the accompanying personality quirks; in fact, I have witnessed some quite questionable (IMO) teasing. I did speak up about that in one situation where the little guy seemed to be quite hurt and fearful; I hope it helps.


And then, on the issue of health, I am feeling happy today because I have started on the last small dosage of a medication that I have been taking for a number of years and which I am now going to be able to go completely off of in a few weeks. When I started taking it, the medication was quite new but in the time since then, it has been found that the med causes a person to crave carbs, can cause high cholestrol, and can also elevate the blood sugar, all of which are problems that I have had. My doctor prescribed it partly for anxiety but one of the side effects I have also read that it has is anxiety! It can cause uncontrolled, jerky movements, too, which can become permanent. I have no doubt there must be other side effects that it has, as well. It is going to be good to see if I don't do and feel better in general once I am off it.

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