Thursday, May 8, 2008


One of my jobs at my business is to keep the filing caught up, generally doing it Wednesday and Friday evenings. This is important because the guys need to be able to find quotes and order sheets when they are looking for them. I like to do it, to get an idea of who we are quoting and who is ordering and in what quantities. I had to take a week off from the filing due to my injured upper right arm, and so I knew there would be a stack of papers to file last night, when I was able to go back to work.

Actually, though, before I got to the office last night, I was wondering if I had been a wimp to take the doctor-recommended week off from doing it. I found out differently once I started to work.

I had a 3 to 3 1/2 inch stack of filing to sort and to file last night. I had been planning on doing sections at a time and spreading them out over the next few nights, as I had time available, but once I got them sorted and ready to file in a system I use that works very well, I didn't see any way to divide them up for subsequent days, so I just stayed later than usual and finished filing them all. It took me 3 hours, and I discovered when I was finished that my arm was very sore! I came home and put ice on it.

I have been chuckling about the fact that the filing was so strenuous. LOL! I guess maybe I'm a bit of a wimp? ;-) Actually, it was good for me to do the filing, because not using the arm for a week had made it weaker than was healthy for it, and I suspect that the filing was a good way to exercise it and make it stronger. Kaiser's physical therapy department couldn't have done it any better! Hee hee!


I have been seeing political ads as they have gotten naturally more prolific in the last number of days, since the Oregon primary is May 20, and we Oregonians need to mail in our ballots to get there by that date. I have noticed one particular ad that disappointed me in LDS church member Gordon Smith, who I was planning to vote for. He has been running an ad quoting the big Portland newspaper, The Oregonian, as saying that one of the challengers, Steve Novick, was a big-spending liberal. This confused me because Steve Novick's ad says that The Oregonian has endorsed him. Then I noticed that in Gordon Smith's ad portion criticizing Novick, the date of the editorial criticizing Novick was 1/16/06! Hmmm, that makes me wonder how honest Gordon Smith is being. Would what the ad says bother you as it does me?

LOVE the Maxine! Oh, so true! I haven't heard a candidate propose a health care plan that I thought sounded good yet -- not even my favorite, Barack Obama.

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