Thursday, May 1, 2008



I took a vicodin about 1/2-hour ago and I am starting to get fuzzy-headed and feel like I'm heading for a fog, but I hope to be able to write this entry before I need to go downstairs and nap.

I have been doing laundry today and I had to go to town and run a few necessary errands (including depositing a couple of checks) but I have been as careful as I could be. Still the arm was getting sore before I took the vicodin. It feels better now.

I have had suggestions about ice from my friend Bea and I also believe it is printed on the instructions I was given yesterday after my appointment. I will have to try that a bit later on.

I really do feel silly complaining, however, after hearing from my friend, Les, in Australia, yesterday afternoon and learning that he had fallen and hadn't broken any bones but was very sore. Then my friend Jan, on my tags list, had a similar thing happen as well, although in her case she managed to wind up pulling a lot of equipment over on top of her. Luckily, again, no broken bones but a lot of bruising and soreness.

Still, we each have our own pain thresholds and our own difficulties, especially as we grow older. I am trying to be brave but I don't like pain. ;-)

One thing I wanted to write about was the strange neighbor cat who has been hanging around, even sitting on my front porch at times. Here is a picture of him from a few weeks ago:

Strange neighbor cat

Yesterday, as I was getting into my car and preparing to run to my business, down the road, I caught sight of him quickly dashing up the ladder in the garage that goes up to the loft. I was not happy about that.

I ran down to my business and when I came back, I gingerly climbed the ladder and found myself almost face-to-face with him, but he was just out of reach and also I wasn't dumb enough to try to tackle a strange cat. I decided to go in the house and give myself time to think and hopefully the cat time to leave the garage.

After about an hour, I decided to take the flashlight outside with me, thinking that maybe it would scare him out of the loft somehow. I carefully climbed the ladder again and I shone the light around. I heard rustling as I did this over the next couple of minutes, then it was quiet.

I decided I would give up, and either leave the garage door open so the cat could come out on its own, or shut it and open it a few times to see if that would scare him out.

As I left the garage and headed for the back porch steps, I caught sight of the cat on my back porch. He ran in the opposite direction as the garage when I approached the steps. I was able to get the controller and shut the garage automatically right then -- without him in it!

Victory -- sweet victory!!

When I came in the house, Silver was in the utility room window looking out of it. I guess the neighbor cat and I put on a good show! LOL!


The dryer is chiming, I am getting sleepier, and my arm is somewhat achy, so I will say so long until tomorrow.

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