Friday, May 2, 2008

TROUBLE RESPONDING TO E-MAILI can't respond to any e mails


I can't respond to any e mails today.

Something has crashed on my computer

and the mouse is missing.....

Hee hee! This comes from my friend, Fran, in Utah. Very cute, I think.


It has been suggested in my grief book and workbook, "Understanding Your Grief," that a way meaningful to the mourner be found to commemorate the person who has passed away. I found this angel in the Current Catalog and I was quite taken with it. It is a Remembrance Angel and the card that came with it says "Remember Always." I bought it as a way to commemorate Mom this coming Mother's Day. It arrived in the mail today.

Remembrance Angel

And then, Socks had to investigate the angel, so I got a shot of her checking it out.

Remembrance Angel with cat

I have put it on the stereo cabinet along with family pictures.


I truly overdid it yesterday with my arm, even though I only forgot and raised it up (to scratch my neck) once. Despite the pain I suffered last night, I was very happy to have gotten my laundry done so that I can somewhat rest it today.

I need to run to town but I am going to wait until after I nap and get out of the vicodin fog I am in right now.

I do have good news -- my blood sugar was lower this morning than it has been for a very long time: 125. That is definitely within the range that my doctor wants it to be in. The crazy thing was that I ate a turkey hot dog in a bun and a baked potato for dinner last night. Go figure! I have ordered a diabetic cookbook and I can't wait for it to get here. What I plan to cook for dinner tonight is very healthful -- chicken breasts. There will probably be another baked potato to accompany one of them for my meal. I would make mashed potatoes but I'm not ambidextrous enough to mash them up with my left hand; besides which there is the lifting of the pan for draining out the water after the potatoes have cooked.

I am truly hoping this babying of my right arm is going to pay off in terms of my getting back into ordinary activities next Wednesday. At least, I found out from the guy I saw this last Wednesday (I think he's a nurse practitioner) that I can go to the Tualatin Kaiser clinic that day for my blood pressure re-check. That is a lot closer than driving clear down to the Lancaster Kaiser clinic in Salem.

I am getting sleepy . . . must eat lunch first. Then comes the necessary nap.

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