Friday, May 9, 2008

CAT ENDORSEMENTS? :-)Yesterday, I went to my


Yesterday, I went to my friend Carly's blog as I do every day, and she had posted a very clever and cute entry about her cat, Elvis, and the presidential election. I would recommend that you follow the link in the preceding sentence to go there and read what Elvis had to say. ;-)

As for my cats, I suppose I would have to say that they are loyal to me like Elvis is to Carly in her support of Hillary Clinton, and they like my candidate, Barack Obama. They approved of the fact that I wrote Senator Obama's name in as a write-in vote on my Republican ballot, although that may have negated my ballot and my vote, I don't know. But I did this on a matter of principle.

Still, we here in our household also have lots of prayers going up for Elvis, as he has been diagnosed with cancer. We are extremely sad about that and wish him the very best, hoping that treatment is available for him so that he lives the maximum number of years possible.


Yesterday I wound up causing all sorts of problems with my arm, thanks to doing the laundry, although it isn't nearly as bad as it was the week before. I'm glad for ice that helped the area to feel much better after a while.


I have mostly finished my "Understanding Your Grief" book and journal -- or, at least, I've gone as far as I can go at this point. I think it has been helpful. I recommend it for those who have suffered the death of someone close to them.


I love the Ziggy, being of Scottish descent. I don't want to get repetitive, as I have talked before about how I have loved bagpipes since I was a little girl. And Blogger is threatening not to save what I'm writing, so I will sign off for today.

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