Friday, May 30, 2008



I am posting two more Ziggies today as well as another short post, which is unusual for me (posting the extra Ziggies; not the additional post). I am going to be participating in the Round Robin Photo Challenge tomorrow so I wanted to post the Ziggies I had allocated for that day a bit early.

I also have a question for the computer gurus who may be reading this. I received a strange e-mail from my friend Edith in Toronto's online address yesterday. It was advertising all sorts of products. I knew that Edith wouldn't have sent such a thing herself and so it was likely that either she had a virus or that someone had hijacked her address. I deleted it, concerned about the virus possibility, and then I couldn't access it even in my AOL recently deleted mail file to send back to her so she could see what it was.

Edith is going to a religious conference this weekend so she is unable to take the time to look further into the strange e-mail. I told her that I would definitely send any further e-mails of that nature back to her, but so far, nothing else has come through.

Do any of you, my dear readers, have any idea as to how this could have happened, or what can be done about it? I feel that sometimes rather technologically-challenged individuals like myself and Edith are sitting ducks for hackers and perpetrators of fraud online. I have been lucky, myself, but I hate to see Edith having such a thing happen to her. I'm hoping it was just a fluke! Any input would be appreciated.

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