Thursday, April 10, 2008

YOU'RE GOING WHERE?Since Blogger doesn't want to upload my


Since Blogger doesn't want to upload my Ziggies right now, I will instead post a picture of Silver that I took yesterday after I got my suitcase out and put it on the dining room table in preparation to pack it.

You're going where?

Even though he was just doing his catly duty and investigating something new, or in this case, perhaps forgotten, I thought the picture made him look like he was telling me he thought I should stay home! LOL!


I have continued to follow the FLDS drama on CNN and I was quite dismayed last night to hear a report that quoted a Texas ranger as saying that they found a bed in the temple and that it was used for nefarious purposes. I am concerned that people who don't know much about the mainstream LDS church will assume that similar things go on in their temples. (My mother-in-law Lola told my late husband Steve and I many years ago that she thought that there were sexual ceremonies in Mormon temples.) That certainly was never my experience in attending any of the several Mormon temples that I went through. The ceremonies were somewhat strange and bizarre, IMO, but never anything like what was reported last night about the FLDS temple.

(If any Mormons are reading this who have followed previous comments I've made about the LDS Church, don't faint; yes, I actually am defending your -- and my former -- church here.)


I heard from my sister Kathy yesterday about her new job, with more detail as to what she will be doing. She will be working at a medical center/hospital in Post Op. It seems that such a position could be a good one for a nurse who is getting started. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes for her. I would imagine it will be a lot easier than the time she spent as a nurse trainee in a Psych ward, which she told me about during one part of our drive from Logan, Utah, back to Twin Falls, after Mom's interment.


I was having a lot of discomfort yesterday in my left collar bone area, which I have mentioned before, telling about how I broke it when I was 5. I tried to keep from using it too very much but I sent out prayer requests on the lists I'm on that are dedicated to that kind of thing, containing people who love to pray for those needing prayer. I went to work after that, unsure if what I was doing in putting papers in the filing cabinets would irritate it more, but I actually began to feel better. I slept well overnight without discomfort and I have felt fine this morning. I had been concerned about how I was going to make the drive out to the coast and take care of my luggage on Sunday but today I am feeling more optimistic about that. I am going to rest my arms by not typing as much as usual and maybe reading this afternoon. (The chime on the dryer may not allow me to get my usual nap, but I'm not feeling sleepy at the moment, anyway.) At any rate, I feel that the prayers of my online friends have been answered -- I am quite amazed by the lack of achiness in my left shoulder today. The difference is like night and day.

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