Saturday, April 5, 2008


ROUND ROBIN PHOTO CHALLENGE -- Your One Perfect Scene Captioned

In thinking about this challenge, I first considered using a land- or seascape picture, but I couldn't think of a landscape shot that I would consider "my" perfect scene. I have seascape photos, as well, and they come closer to what my perfect scene might be. However, partly to be different and express my individuality, and in part because Socks was so cooperative in posing for this picture, not to mention that she and my other two cats are totally unique to me and my house, I decided to use the picture here:

For those who don't know Socks' story, she and her two brothers were abandoned at my business out here in the country south of Portland, Oregon by her mother when they were 2 to 2 1/2 months old. Not long after we found these kittens, it worked out that Socks came to live with me. She turned out to be very much a rascal of a little girl, and she still has a lot of that mischievousness in her. With lots of love, though, and an attempt to try not to treat her in any way that she considers threatening, she has gentled way down and is a very sweet and loving cat about 95% of the time. Having her presence on this perch in my living room is heart-warming and makes me happy, so it is my one perfect scene. And the caption expresses what I think of her.

You will find links to the other participants in the Round Robin Photo Challenge here. They are always interesting, imaginative, and exceptionally creative! Enjoy!

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