Tuesday, April 8, 2008

GOODBYE TO THE "BOZ"The above photo is of Jim


The above photo is of Jim Bosley, a former Portland, Oregon weatherman and local morning TV show (A.M. Northwest) host quite a number of years ago, who passed away this last Sunday night. Known as the "Boz," he was quite a character. My late husband Steve and I had the privilege of meeting him and in fact appearing on A.M. Northwest back in the late 1970's, to be interviewed and answer viewer phone-in questions and to demonstrate food dehydrating, since we manufactured food dehydrators (our company was Harvest Mills) at that time and taught seminars and classes on using them.

I had forgotten all about the "Boz" until hearing about his death, and then the memories of my only TV appearance came flooding back. An acquaintance told me later that I chattered nonstop and that Steve seemed to freeze. I was so very nervous! I can't remember much about it except for being asked by a phone-in caller whether it was possible to dehydrate raspberries or not. I answered, yes. I guess -- to be fair to myself -- in my mind, anything edible could be dehydrated. But now I just have to chuckle about my answer. I'm really quite sure that dehydrated raspberries would not reconstitute very well, and would be all seeds in the dehydrated state and thus quite inedible that way.

I also remember gazing at the red light on the camera, perhaps much like a moth is attracted to a glowing light bulb. The "Boz" was probably quite used to this in TV novices and was kind in the way he distracted me and asked questions. We spent some time in the TV kitchen -- I remember cutting up an apple, but I don't know what I did with it -- and before long, the show was over. (I think the program may have been 1/2 hour at that time, or at least, our segment seemed about that long, although maybe it was just my fearful state that made it seem to go rapidly.) LOL!

Our family didn't own a TV at that time, so we rented one and our manufacturing crew was allowed to take time off from work to gather in front of it and watch us. I guess they didn't think we did too badly because they seemed quite proud of us when we got back. We were never asked back for an encore performance, though. -G-

So with the "Boz's" passing, these old memories of mine have been dredged up. That was quite the experience. I may not ever know how much his expertise made the appearance easier for Steve and I than it otherwise could have been. So long, "Boz." You were a true gentleman.

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