Wednesday, April 23, 2008



I hope you aren't getting too tired of me talking about my birthday, but it's not every day that #60 rolls around. Plus I am continually reminded of it (which is fine by me, as I'm not a person who is too uptight about getting older), with wishes from online friends and from family, off and on the computer. One of the nicest events today was receiving a pretty card from my 92-year-old Uncle Lincoln, who I saw in January. He also signed it for my cousin Kent, who has always been special to me. Uncle Linc's eyes aren't good any more but he wrote me a sweet note in the card, which I very much appreciated.

I will be having more celebration coming up soon as my friend Linda e-mailed to say she will be in town from Redmond, Oregon, in the next few days.

Also, I will be receiving the items I ordered last night from Amazon with J.D. and Kris's gift certificate, although at different times because of some availability issues as well as the fact that some are coming from other companies and thus will be shipped separately. I bought a bath rug (my housekeeper Norma -- bless her heart -- washed the coral ones I had with a brown bath rug from the business, and this time the brown bled into the coral; my new one is sage green and from India), 3 large bath towels as I need to replace a few more that are rough and uncomfortable to use, a car vac that will be very handy in a number of venues both in the car and out, a jumbo bag of litter box liners (had to get something for the cats), 2 books (one by Elizabeth Berg and the other by Anita Shreve), and flannel pajamas -- maroon striped. As you can see, the prices were good and the amount of the gift certificate generous. I did go over a bit due to the shipping but not by a whole lot, and that's not a problem.

I am still feeling quite tired today but when I tried to sleep, Socks was doing all sorts of crazy things in my bedroom and after a while, I just gave up on that. I suppose that I could drink another can of diet Dr. Pepper and hope that will give me some energy. It is almost snack time, anyway.


I love the Maxine this time. So true, so very true! LOL!

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