Sunday, April 20, 2008



My Australian friend Lynne mentioned some time ago that she had seen the movie "The Jane Austen Book Club" with her daughter, and that they had enjoyed it a lot. Consequently, I put it in my Blockbuster Online queue and it came this last week. I watched the movie last night.

I found it enjoyable but a bit over my head as I haven't read the Jane Austen books that were discussed; I had just seen a number of the movies made from them. However, life events were taking place with the members of the book club that were very interesting, so despite my ignorance of some of the book plots and the discussions taking place from time to time in the movie about them, watching the film was a nice distraction for a couple of hours.

The only major actors that I recognized in the movie were Jimmy Smits and Lynn Redgrave, but despite that, the acting was fine. I recommend it to book lovers, but especially fans of Jane Austen.


I have two photos of Socks to post today. She was in one of her frequent playful moods yesterday and I caught these shots of her chewing on the pretty silver ribbon that adorns one of the birthday gifts my sister Kathy sent me and also playing with the chair to the dining room table, upside down.

Socks loves the silver ribbon

Socks attacking a chair

Socks and I seem to be entering a phase where she will play with me but never with her claws extended, and I reward her with hugs and cuddles, which she tends to shake off at the time but she seems to keep getting more content and gentler. I would say the positive approach with her is working well.

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