Monday, April 7, 2008

SNOW IN LONDONI was going to post this


I was going to post this earlier today after receiving it yesterday from my friend Doug, a transplanted Yank (Floridian, even), who moved to England to marry his British partner. I wanted to wait until I had permission to post it here along with his note regarding it and I received that tonight, along with blanket permission to put anything he sent me on my blog. I hope he doesn't live to regret that! LOL!

Here is what he said about the shot:

This is what I played in.....snow....and lots of it! It was simply gorgeous....well...until the early morning traffic went through it...LOL! It snowed a lot during the night and kept going thru the day...we're getting a break for now but more snow during the night tonight.


I think it's a beautiful picture! If I'm not mistaken, that's Big Ben, looking so majestic. I'm thinking that this is not usual spring weather in London.

Speaking of Brits, my friends Greg (AKA Alfred the Ordinary) and Alison were flying in today from England, back to their home near Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. It will be fun to read Alison's blog again, which she keeps only during those months of the year when they are here in the U.S. I wish them a good trip, if they haven't already made it back to their Virginia home.

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