Sunday, April 13, 2008



. . . The True Story of Patrick -- such an interesting book! I was clued into it by my niece's son Anthony, and I was pleased to be able to order it from Amazon. The author is David W. Bercot.

I read books about St. Patrick (as I am in the habit of calling him) many years ago, when I had a wish to write a children's story about him. However, that manuscript has long ago been discarded as well as the rejection slips I got from publishers due to submitting it. ;-) I don't remember what I learned about him during my studies but Bercot's book used Patrick's own writings, which I didn't have access to, so -- although fictionalized to a degree of necessity -- his book is much more factual than mine would ever have been.

The hardships that Patrick went through as a young man and then later on, particularly during his times in Ireland, were very difficult, but his response to them was to turn to God. He was extremely devout and in tune with God's will for his life.

I was a bit disappointed in the end by the author's preaching to the reader about the lessons of Patrick's life and what Christians could only accomplish if they did the same, but I didn't let that spoil my enjoyment of the rest of the book.

It was very interesting to get an idea of what the early church was like and especially to realize, as the author states, that Patrick wasn't a Roman Catholic and that the myths attributed to him, such as driving snakes from Ireland, weren't true.

If you enjoy reading religious material, I would highly recommend this book to you.


I will be leaving probably in 1/2 hour for my trip to Astoria. I will most likely take the Columbia River route, as it is so pretty and is the way my late husband Steve and I mostly took when we went out to the sailboat we had out there quite a few years ago.

I could take my grief journal and book but I have decided to let that wait until I get back. I imagine it could be pretty heavy-duty stuff to work with.

I will possibly have access to a computer for short periods of time at the motel, but I will likely not take the time to do more than peruse my incoming mail, if so, and let my kids know I got there okay. I will likely be back to posting and answering e-mail on Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you to all who have wished me a good trip!

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