Saturday, April 12, 2008

OF MICE AND QUEENSBlogger will not let me post the Ziggies


Blogger will not let me post the Ziggies just yet today but I have enough pictures to post that likely the cartoons won't be missed for one day. (I hope it's a temporary glitch, anyway.)

Yesterday saw a fair amount of excitement around my house, just as I was settling in for a nap in my recliner, as Silver came into the living room/dining room area and I saw that he had a mouse. This was a surprise to me as I couldn't think of where he would have gotten it from -- he doesn't go outside. My first thought, however, as an avid photographer, was to pick up my camera and start taking pictures. Here is a sequence of photos, although I'm not really sure if they're in the correct order or not. Since Silver was playing "catch and release" for a while, it doesn't really matter.

Silver and the poor mouse

Silver carrying the mouse in his mouth

Silver playing with his catch

Silver keeping the mouse from Socks

In that last picture, Socks was trying to horn in on the action but she never did succeed in doing so. Silver was continually growling and hissing to protect his ownership of the prey, and with good reason as I definitely had it in mind to take the mouse away from him and throw it outside. Finally, I just gave up and came upstairs as I didn't want to see the final results of the situation. When I went back down, an hour or two later, there was no sign of the mouse. I even checked my suitcase, where Silver was reclining, and no little mouse remains were there, either -- thankfully! My guess is that the mouse wound up in Silver's tummy.

I went to bed with some trepidation last night as I was envisioning Silver finding another mouse during the night and bringing it onto my bed to play catch and release. LOL! Fortunately, that did not happen.

I can do without this kind of excitement but I will admit that the mouse picked the wrong house to come into. ;-)


I watched "Elizabeth: the Golden Age" yesterday, with Cate Blanchett once again starring as Queen Elizabeth I and Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh. I enjoyed Cate's acting as the Queen and Owen was a handsome and nicely-played Raleigh.

There was a bit more gore than I generally like to see in the movie -- it was on the borderline of what I can tolerate. However, it wasn't gratuitous as it was factual, if not in actual circumstances shown but in the general atmosphere present at the time regarding religion and how it affected the people of that age.

The movie presented history that I had learned about in school but had forgotten. It was quite exciting to realize what had actually happened back then -- there were truly elements of a kind of David vs. Goliath situation.

Also, as Cate portrayed the Queen, it was amazing to me to see how she made sacrifices in her life for the good of her people -- if that aspect of the movie was based on actual history.

I liked the movie and I would recommend it for older teens and adults, as it is rated PG13. I believe some of the violence might disturb younger teenagers. However, that would depend on the child and, as the rating says, parental guidance would need to be given.


I am leaving for my 3-day coastal vacation tomorrow late morning or about noon. I have let my neighbor across the street, Bobi, know via e-mail. Also, Jeff, Steph and family will be watching out for my house: feeding the cats, bringing in the mail and newspaper, and so forth.

I have done quite a bit of inner debating regarding which route I want to take to Astoria, where I will be staying. I am leaning right now towards the Highway 30 one, which goes along the Columbia River. It is very scenic and will take me right to my motel. The other route, Highway 26, is inland more and would take me south of Astoria and my motel. It is somewhat faster as far as reaching the coast but I will have to travel a ways north to get to my destination.

The headline in the Portland Oregonian newspaper this morning was that there have been swarms of earthquakes off the Oregon coast, and geologists aren't sure why. If they are a precursor to "the big one," and it occurs while I'm out there, I can't think of a place where I would rather die. Actually, though, I will be surprised if anything of that nature happens.

I may have computer access from my motel but not of a nature to be able to post here. I generally try not to be on the guest-accessed computer for too very long at one time, anyway.

The forecast is for balmy, sunny weather tomorrow and then some sun and some rain on Monday and Tuesday. I am always happy to take what I can get out there, as I love the Oregon and southwestern Washington coasts no matter what the weather.

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