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This is a day that feels somewhat like any other, except for its being too cold for the third week in April. It is remarkable, however, due to all the good wishes I have been getting because today I turn 60! That is so hard to believe as it seems like just yesterday I was 50, then 55.

Part of what has reminded me has been all the good wishes I have received on my Genchat and Friends and Family Graphics lists, as well as via private e-mail and snail mail cards sent by friends.

I have heard from family members, with Jeff, Steph, Noah and Emily saying they donated to American Idol Gives Back in remembrance of my birthday, which I am very pleased about because I think it is such a good cause and I didn't give to it this year. (Any cause that demonstrates that Simon Cowell has a heart is very worthwhile!) J.D. wrote and said that the "birthday frog" (an invention of my late husband Steve's) was moving slowly and would probably be here by Friday.

I unwrapped the gifts I had here -- the purse from my friend, Jackie, and the gifts from my sister Kathy, and took photos of the purse and Kathy's present of Mooah cats (i.e., kissing due to magnets on their noses). She sent Japanese cherry blossom lotion but I can't get the dispenser to work, although I'll keep working on that. I want to keep it in the kitchen and use it after I dry my hands there. Here are pictures of the purse and the Mooah cats.

Snazzy Laurel Burch handbag

Mooah kitties from my sister

I decided to run in to town after lunch to buy a slice of chocolate cake at Cutsforth's Thriftway, and they only had chocolate with mint frosting, but that was okay. I got that and a sandwich, so I can be lazy for dinner. I came home and ate the cake with milk (I didn't think the mint would go too well with decaf). Here is the slice before I ate it.

A birthday slice

I did not dunk the cake in milk! Ewww! Steve used to do that and I think J.D. does. I have my own way of obsessing over cake, especially this piece -- eat several bites, take a swig of milk, then repeat. LOL!

Most of the family's celebrating for my birthday will be combined with a Mother's Day dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Molalla, Oregon on May 9th. I'm looking forward to that!

Back to today, though -- regarding the snail mail cards, inside one I got a note from a friend who has had knee surgery (poor lady!) and she brought me up to date on people we knew when we went to the same Mormon ward in town. (She is still Mormon but has retained a lot of her Pentecostal upbringing, despite now living in Utah.) I also received a card from my very good friend in New Jersey, Mary Jane, which she had made on her computer, I believe, and done a very nice job on. (I am jealous!) Then there was a card from my friend from church, Sheila -- very cute, saying "Born to Shop" and with little fabric "purses" hanging from a ribbon. Inside, she said that her husband Ken had wanted to pick out just the perfect stamps for the envelope (he is an avid stamp collector) and what he told her was right -- I did like the stamps very much. (One had a little bear on it, but I had seen none of them before.)

It seems that at my age, I am noticing details that I hadn't in the past, and I am more grateful for the small things, and in fact all things, that I am given. (BTW, thinking of that, another beautiful card I received comes to mind -- from Dawn, who often comments here; I received her card last week.)

Thank you to everyone who has offered your good wishes for this notable birthday. I appreciate them tremendously!

A later note: I just received an e-mail from Tony and he said a package is on the way. So I have heard from all my sons today already -- this is such a pleasure!


I have had a minor dilemma regarding my car. It turned over to 5,000 miles while I was on vacation at the coast. I had had the oil changed and a lube job at 3,000 miles, and I was told I could wait until 8,000 miles for the next one. I generally have my tires rotated at 5,000 miles but I didn't know if that had been done at the 3,000 mile service or not. I wrote an e-mail to the local Ford dealership regarding this, and Larry, the service manager in the Fast Lube department called this morning to let me know that they hadn't rotated the tires and I believe he said they would wait to do that until the 8,000 mile service. I'm about 99% positive that's what he said. I don't know, though, if that will be waiting too long to have the tires rotated the first time. Something nags at me, wanting me to go to the Les Schwab dealership in town and have it done now, at 5,000 miles, like it's supposed to be! LOL! Really, though, I think those extra 3,000 miles won't hurt the brand new tires. D'ya think?


The Ziggy all wrapped up in dental floss above is dedicated to my dental hygienist DIL, Stephanie. Enjoy, Steph! ;-)

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