Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HOME AGAINI am back from


I am back from my vacation but too sleepy to write much about it at the moment. I tried to nap this afternoon, and that was a hopeless attempt. This afternoon, I did rest in my recliner with Silver on my lap a couple of times, which has helped me somewhat.

Being out there helped my blood sugar, which was lower this morning than it had been for some time. I think it was helpful and healthful to relax, as I did eat food yesterday that I probably would have been better off not to. I had intended to go to Mo's in Cannon Beach for a clam chowder lunch but the restaurant was closed, so I got a Gobbler sandwich (turkey and Tillamook cheddar cheese grilled between sourdough bread slices) at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I thought as I ate it that I could almost feel my arteries hardening. But it was delicious and I enjoyed every bite. I bought Scottish shortbread cookies there as well, and ate one when I got back to the motel with milk. Other than that, I snacked on small pretzels and potato chips.

As for things that I saw on my trip, here is a teaser:

Astoria Waterfront Trolley -- a closer look

I need to go work now, so I will be posting more about my vacation tomorrow.

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