Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Thank goodness that son Jeff is able to make the Costco trip for my business this week because I woke up incredibly sore and ill-feeling. Typing doesn't help.

I did want to share the teacup bouquet I bought yesterday to commemorate Mom's birthday on the 16th. It reminds me so much of her because she inherited her mother's teacup and saucer collection.

Flowers I bought to commemorate Mom's birthday

Of course, Socks was crazy about them and had to sniff and bite them. Here is a shot I took of her doing that. (I have to hold the camera in my left hand; it's too heavy for my right arm to support without a lot of pain.)

Socks and the teacup flowers

It's a wonder that I got the bouquet home in one piece because on the way back from Fred Meyer's, a lady pulled out in front of me on the highway (99E) and it took all of my braking power to stop without hitting her. Everything on the front seat went flying, but the bouquet had been on the floor and somehow managed not to be broken by the flying clipboard and other objects that had been on the seat but wound up on the floor as well.

I have gone no mail on a couple of lists and I am being very quiet on the remaining ones. My correspondence will likely be light. I may see you here tomorrow; I may not. Best wishes to you all.

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