Monday, June 16, 2008

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Referring somewhat to the above Maxine, has anyone noticed how much more interesting the State Farm Insurance commercials have gotten? ;-) There is no question in my mind that the narrator is McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey. Of course, he's not one of the old time stars that Maxine mentions above; quite the opposite.

I have a good friend in New Jersey who is crazy about Jon Bon Jovi. She's not all that much younger than me. Now and again, she comes across stationery with pictures of him on it and sends them along to me. (She is a widow, as I am.) Then yesterday I saw a preview of "What Not to Wear" where a dental hygienist will be the subject of the makeover, and in the ad I saw, she was defending some of her old, outdated clothing by saying that it reminded her of Bon Jovi. LOL! That did make me feel old because my clothes from my youth, if I still had any of them, would remind me of the Beatles and Elvis Presley and Del Shannon. I never knew anything about Bon Jovi, nor was I into him, at any point before in my life. I did enjoy seeing him when he was a coach on American Idol (not this past year, but the one before) and I was able to clue my friend in so she could watch him. I can see why she likes him. He also has a football team called the Soul and she enjoys listening to their games.

Be gentle with your judgment; it's not easy to be old and lonely. ;-)


Over the weekend, I was able to take some fun pictures of Silver and Socks. They like playing around the coffee table, which I have been keeping bare. Silver especially likes to get on it and then Socks will find ways to try to attack him from floor level. Here are a series of pictures of them doing that. They are on Flickr, so click to enlarge there. In the last two, that is pretty much necessary because I have notes indicating where Socks is located, as she's not easy to spot.

Gonna getcha

One paw up


Socksie is so funny sometimes! I especially love her in that last picture! And Silver is so big!


Just a remembrance: Today would have been Mom's 81st birthday.

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