Thursday, June 12, 2008

J.D. ON TVMy 39-year-old (thus


My 39-year-old (thus eldest) son, J.D., was on Portland, Oregon's KGW Channel 8's 6:00 news last evening, and above are pictures that I took of him being interviewed. He had said yesterday on the Twitterblog portion of his main blog yesterday that the interview had taken 90 minutes but the piece itself was 90 seconds. It was about tips he has for people on his very successful Get Rich Slowly blog, on how to do just that: Get rich slowly. He has not only talked the talk but walked the walk as he got completely out of debt in 3 years. This is impressive because he is a man that loves technologically-developed devices but he advises restraint in not buying every new gadget that comes on the market.

(BTW, although I have posted the above photos to Flickr, this time I uploaded them from my Windows database so clicking on them will just enlarge them, not take you to my Flickr site.)

I thought J.D. did a fine job on his interview and I was impressed and (very motherly, of course) proud.


Today I am feeling less sore and ill in starting out the day, although I am more tired because I had quite a restless night last night. I have been having odd dreams the last couple of nights, too, although I can't remember them very well now. I delayed working until the weekend so that I can do the filing slowly and take lots of breaks; I am still doing laundry today and trying to go easy on the sore arm in the process, especially of folding clothes.


I had a couple of family e-mails yesterday. One was from my youngest sister, Kathy, the new nurse, and she has started working graveyard shifts. She says it is quite an adjustment, which I know from when Steve worked nights. The other e-mail was from my Aunt Joan. She said that her daughter Mary's husband David has a blood clot from his ankle to his thigh and that prayers are needed for him. This has happened after ankle surgery. She didn't exactly say so, but she indicated that although she is Mormon, she feels that prayers from all faiths are very helpful. It sounds serious but my online friend Lynn said that her husband's cousin also had a bad blood clot and that medication cleared it up, so I am hopeful and will let my aunt know that.

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