Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"BARNACLE" SUEI mentioned


I mentioned in a comment to yesterday's post that the spots on my arm that I was concerned about were benign, from what the nurse said. To elaborate further, they are generally hereditary and are also known as "barnacles". I have e-mailed my brother and sisters to let them know about this and to ask them if they knew of Mom or Dad having such spots, or if they themselves had them. I have received no responses to maybe the silence is my answers from them. Coincidentally, my nurse friend Sheila mentioned before I went in that she has "barnacles" -- I asked her today if they were generally removed but I haven't heard back yet from her. At any rate, the nurse said she can't really diagnose; thus, my appointment with the dermatologist in mid-July. (I'm glad there's no rush!)

I think it's funny that I have "barnacles," when as an Oregonian I have talked about our reputation for having webbed feet plus that we rust instead of tan. Also -- something I haven't talked about before -- my favorite football team is the University of Oregon Ducks (out of loyalty to my friend Linda). In addition, the refrain "Barnacle Bill the sailor" is going through my head, although I'm not sure where it originates from in my past history. LOL! Did Steve sing it? Did my dad? I can't remember!

I don't know if the dermatologist will want to remove the barnacles or not. That question at present is in the realm of the unknown for me.


I got an e-mail today saying that when I go in to have my oil changed, I won't go to the fast lube area any more, but to the local Ford dealership's service area. Fortunately, I will be able to make an appointment to do that. I still have 2,000 miles to go before my next oil change and lube job is due.


It is such a relief that today is the last day of Primary elections. It will be very interesting to see how they turn out. Hillary has been squashing rumors that she plans to concede; I wonder if either she or Obama will do so. It could make the convention in August what I would call quite wild.


I forgot to mention my arm. I am icing it often, and since I am going to be so busy over the next few days, I will wait to contact my doctor on Friday if it is still bothering me a lot. I hate being in pain! I am out of Vicodin and have ordered a refill with no results so far -- not a refill coming through or a phone call or e-mail telling me that they are unable to refill it or wondering why I need more. I imagine I will survive without it. I'm truly not hooked on it, though, other than to ease the pain in my arm. I was taking 1/2 tablets haphazardly, when the label on the bottle said I could take 8 per day. I never came even close to that! I can understand how people with chronic pain can get hooked on pain pills, though. It is definitely no fun!

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