Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NOT A GOOD DAYI am trying


I am trying to go about my daily activities as usual, but my arm is rebelling. As a result, I am feeling quite sick to my stomach. I probably should contact my doctor but I'm going to wait until Friday, I think, as I have just bugged her about my "barnacles". One good thing is that my refill for Vicodin has been okayed, and my nurse friend Sheila said that having that happen would probably indicate that my clinician recognized that my pain could take a while to clear up. It didn't come in the mail today, though.

I feel kind of silly because of others I know who are going through so much worse. That's one reason I push myself to try not to baby my arm. I regret it after I use it in a normal fashion, though. I am quite inclined to do my best not to use it for the next few days; however, that is easier said than done.

One thing that cheered me up this morning was seeing a fat bunny in my back yard. What a cute creature! Socks saw it, too, after a bit, and was quite intrigued from her perch in the utility room window.

I am very concerned for a family member right now and I keep checking the family blogs, as he is in the hospital and the possible ailments they were checking him for were extremely serious. I guess no news is good news on that front so far today. My prayers are going up for him.

I guess it's time to take the ice off my arm. Sheila also said that having to ice it a lot isn't a good sign. But as Steve used to say, "You've just gotta be tough." That's what I'm trying to do, although I am also trying to limit my social contact right now because pain makes me grumpy. Grrr!

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