Sunday, March 16, 2008

THE GAME PLANDue to some


Due to some recommendations by a few online friends, I put "The Game Plan" in my Blockbuster Online queue a few weeks ago and it was sent to me this past week for watching. I had time last night to view it and my concluding feelings afterwards were mixed.

It stars Dwayne ("The Rock") Johnson as a selfish star football player who is confronted by a young girl played by Madison Pettis, who contends she is his daughter and is able to prove it. Naturally, the bulk of the movie consists of his trying to win a championship game while dealing with the fact that he has a little daughter, and it is done in a rather Disney way (but then it is a Disney movie) -- sometimes silly, generally unrealistic and exaggerated, but little Madison is a cutie and does a very good job in her role, while "The Rock" turns out to be a better actor than I would have expected.

One point that was brought up by a couple of my online friends after they watched it was that, if children viewed it, their parents should explain and elaborate on "The Rock's" key saying and mantra, "Never Say No." These friends felt it was important for children to know that sometimes it is important and necessary to say no. I think that would be a good thing to discuss with children who see this movie. As for me, I just have my 3 cats in my household, and although Socks was on top of the television set the other evening and looking down at the TV screen in fascination, I don't worry about the effect of this movie on them (although I wish sometimes that they knew the meaning of the word no). ;-)

I will probably give "The Game Plan" 3 1/2 stars out of a possible 5 when I rate it on Blockbuster. So take that as you will.


The Ziggy cartoon above was once again sent to me by my friend, Lynne in Australia, and we both had the same reaction to it. I looked at it and concluded that it portrayed a very frightening idea, and then I noticed that Lynne had written a note below it, saying how scary it was. LOL!

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