Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just Like Heaven

I watched another movie having to do with death yesterday; these last movies I have watched with that theme have come at such a coincidental time, because I put them in my queue months ago. It was "Just Like Heaven," starring Reese Witherspoon, who I like a lot. I especially liked her in this movie, as a spirit entity who is fighting a new tenant for her San Francisco apartment, and only he can see her. It was rather far-fetched but a cute romance and it fit the bill as being what I needed at the time.


The Ziggy above is also quite ironic today as I learned something on my son J.D.'s blog about our truck driver that I hadn't known, and if you're interested enough to find out what, go to the link earlier in this sentence. I don't know if there has been any suspicious activity or not -- no one has told me -- but this has added to the concerns I have these days.


I was feeling very ill last night, and almost living in the bathroom. Today has been a little better but not much. If I continue to have difficulties, I may not be able to go to the funeral home tonight, as it is about a 45-minute drive one way. I have sent a large standing spray arrangement of flowers that will arrive at the church before Ron's memorial service tomorrow, so the family will know I'm thinking of them, hopefully, even if I don't get there tonight. (As you may recall, I am babysitting grandchildren Noah and Emily tomorrow afternoon so DIL Steph can go.)

I had thought my internal troubles might be because of the Glucerna bars I ate yesterday, so I have been staying away from them today. Or it could well be medication side effects. Or maybe it's a case of what stress does to my diverticulosis. Or maybe I'm actually ill?


I have gotten involved in writing this entry and forgot that I let Socks come in here and have forgotten to take her out again. So far, she has been very good, but I am not going to hold my breath so I am going to end this before she can roll over on the on/off switch on the surge protector or something like that.

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