Monday, March 17, 2008



It has been kind of a long day, with my appointment this morning and before that hunting down a year-at-a-glance 2008 vacation calendar for the business (which took stopping in two separate office supply stores). I came home and was on the computer for a little while, then realized a nap was definitely necessary. So I'm late posting this entry. I want and need to do so before St. Patrick's Day is over!

As the title states, I have no Irish in me at all. I have English, Swedish, Scottish, and maybe even some Norwegian blood (way back there) in me. I've always had a sense of fun about St. Patrick's Day, though. If I'm not mistaken, I used to make pancakes, tinting the batter green, on St. Patty's Day when the kids were young and at home. I guess I've always had somewhat of a weird sense of humor and been a little odd as a mother. LOL!

For those of you who are even a wee bit Irish, my best wishes are with you for a fun St. Patrick's Day! I envy you your corned beef and cabbage -- I will be back to eating a chicken breast (the last one I still have from the most recent batch I cooked) and a baked potato.


Speaking of food, I hard-cooked some eggs the other evening and the next day, I got hungry for an egg salad sandwich made with the low fat mayo I had in the fridge. After I had made the egg salad and eaten the sandwich, I decided I had better check the expiration date on the jar of light mayo as it seemed to me that I had had it for a long time. Sure enough: The expiration date was September '02. LOL! I'm lucky it didn't make me sick! Amazingly, though, it is still good -- it looks like it's supposed to and tastes fine. Despite that, it is on my list to be replaced when I go shopping tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning!

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