Wednesday, March 19, 2008



I wrote a few days ago that I had used some light mayo from my fridge that, when I checked the jar label afterwards, said the expiration date had been 02. I was very surprised and shocked by that, especially since it didn't taste bad and I didn't get sick.

I threw the jar out and today I bought the replacement. When I checked the jar, the last numbers on the expiration date were again 02. Before them were the numbers 1010. (That had to be for October 2010.) So I dug through the garbage and found the coffee-ground-covered bottle of light mayo that I had thrown out. The expiration date on it was 0307 (March 2007). No wonder I hadn't poisoned myself with it! Whew! The old jar was still ancient enough to leave in the garbage, as it had to have been bought a couple of years before the expiration date, like the new jar was.

In telling an online friend about the old light mayo when I thought it had expired in 02, her first thought was to say there must be all sorts of preservatives in it. Even for it to last two years, of course there are some preservatives there. They don't bother me as much as the thought of suffering from salmonella poisoning does, though.

Another online friend mentioned once that she wouldn't buy mayo because it would only last a week or two in the fridge. I didn't have a response to her post, which was on one of the blind lists I'm on. I wasn't the expert on the aging of mayo then that I am now. -G- I don't know what kind of mayo she was getting (she lives in Canada) but it should have lasted a lot longer than that.

At any rate, I felt much safer eating my egg salad sandwich for lunch today. If anything disturbs my system in the next few hours, it will likely be the Glucerna chocolate caramel bar I just ate. ;-)


If I'm remembering correctly, I paid $3.39 a gallon for gas this morning at the Shell station in town, and filling from just under 1/2 tank, it cost me about $36.00. Thankfully, I don't have too far to travel in the coming few weeks, until my coast trip the 13th to 16th of April. I will have to be prepared to pay a lot more for gas during that time, as I like to drive along the coast and once again see the lovely seaside vistas.

I came home from running my errands and not long after that, the propane truck came to fill up my propane tank. I am on the company's budget program so I wasn't too alarmed by the $435.00 for the 155 gallons it took to fill the tank. I was concerned about the 51 gallons left on my budget program, and I was left wondering what happened when those were used up. (My educated guess is that I will be paying a higher price for whatever amount of propane may be needed over and above those 51 gallons, as I expect I will have one more fill of the tank before summer.) At least, they once again remembered to come and fill it without my having to call and request it. Bully for them!

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