Thursday, March 20, 2008

YAY FOR CHASE!I have two personal credit


I have two personal credit cards with Chase, one of which I use all the time and the ot6her is rarely, if ever, used. Late yesterday afternoon, I got a phone message regarding the one that I don't use, and in the process of listening to the message on my voice mail, I managed to cut it off. I immediately dug out my card and called the customer service number on it. I was asked identification questions and then connected with the Chase security department.

I was asked if I had used the card to make a purchase of $2.01 on March 17th. I said that I hadn't. Once more, I answered the security questions and then I was told that the card had been canceled, and a new one would be sent within 5 days. I also will receive a fraud form to fill out and send back. There will be no need to pay for the charge.

At first, I didn't understand why the charge was so tiny, but then I remembered that often ID thieves will try a small purchase to see if they can get away with it, and if they do, they will go on and make large purchases. I'm glad that Chase was on the ball and caught this case of fraud!


Yesterday wasn't the best day in other ways, too. On my Flickr site, someone posted a comment to the picture I have there of a chili dog I made one day for dinner. The commenter said they were into chili without beans and that the chili dog in the picture I had posted looked "NASTY"! How kind and considerate this person was, right? (Heavy sarcasm here.) I immediately handled the situation the way I did with the Italian lady who didn't like my spaghetti and who was very insulting about it -- I changed the setting on the chili dog picture so that only friends and family can view it. I foiled him/her. Hee hee!

Then last night I received an e-mail from a friend in which she tried to negate what the grief counselor had told me to do in listing the good and bad areas of Mom's parenting. This lady told me to "Just forgive." Her pronouncement bothered me at the time I received it but I slept on it (and had a good night's sleep). This morning, in thinking about it, I was angry. I dealt with it by telling her that of course I will forgive Mother but the grief counselor is a professional who knows what she is doing.

I also had an e-mail from my sister Kathy yesterday who said that the house market in Twin Falls is good, as far as the future sale of Mom's house goes, but that with the expenses that need to come out of the sale, us kids might wind up having to pay some of the final costs if the sale of the house doesn't cover them. Ack! I have savings but I hope that this doesn't come about; or, if it does, that the costs aren't too much.

So I have been dealing with some heavy-duty feelings. Perhaps I need to be less open in general about what I am going through regarding the grieving process. If I write less about it here, that will be why.


I had a commenter yesterday invite me to write about my experiences with Mother, and I went to his site (thanks, Greg L) and saw that he is wanting stories with an inspirational slant. I'm not sure that my story fills that bill, especially as it is still ongoing during the grieving process, but I will think about it and see if I have a story that I could write and submit. He said that they don't have to be all positive as long as there is a lesson learned in the story.


Hopefully, today will be a better day, although I expect my light bill. I doubt that it will be nearly as high as in recent months, due to my turning down the heater in the pump house as well as being able to use the one here in the office less. Here's hoping!

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