Friday, March 28, 2008

GREAT FLICKR FEATURES!At my online friend Dawn's suggestion,


At my online friend Dawn's suggestion, I went to the chili dog picture I had posted on Flickr that had been labeled by some unkind soul there as looking "NASTY" and I was able to delete the comment he/she had made. In the process, I was given the option to block that person and I did so. There is a whole list of things in relation to my pictures that this person can no longer do. It was most gratifying!

Then I went to my spaghetti picture and did the same thing. As I went through that process and reread the comments from this person (RealityFood or some such name), I was once again struck by how rude and mean the comments were. It was my pleasure to block this person, as well.

I was thus able to move both of these food pictures from being viewed only by Friends and Family to being viewed by everyone again.

As a result, I think I will go ahead and post my picture of the Black Bean Salsa I made the other day to my Flickr site. I hope it doesn't result in anyone saying how ugly the salsa looks but at least now I know the Flickr weapons I have with which to fight back!

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