Thursday, March 27, 2008

MY LITTLE SISTER'S 50THIt's difficult for me


It's difficult for me to believe it, but my youngest sister, Kathy, turns 50 today. You would never know she's that age by looking at her, as the picture below, taken near the first of January with my Uncle Lincoln and Kathy's and my niece, Sarah, shows. (She is on the left.)

I was almost 10 years old when Kathy was born. My mother became terribly ill with an initially-undiagnosed bleeding stomach ulcer and almost died not long after that. We had help from church people at first as Mom recovered slowly but people get on with their lives and so I was pretty much left to take care of this infant at a young age. I loved her very much and I felt very nurturing towards her. I remember stroking the side of her face when she was crying to try to help her go to sleep, and that generally worked. As she grew, we became fairly close. That has continued.

Here are pictures of her when she was young:

We do not live very near each other, as she is in San Francisco and I am in northwestern Oregon. We did see each other at Mom's funeral in Idaho and northern Utah near the first of January, as I have related here at that time. She was a good support to me as I know now that I was basically in shock at that time.

She was able to go back home and pass her nursing boards, and now she is looking for work. She has the compassion and understanding of people to make an excellent nurse.

I will likely send this to her, so I will just add to the wishes I have already sent, a big Happy Birthday, Sis!

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