Monday, July 7, 2008

THE DAY I ATE WHATEVER I WANTEDI am on Jeff's computer at


I am on Jeff's computer at work and don't want to be here all night, so I will make this a short entry. I am reviewing Elizabeth Berg's "The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted." She is another favorite contemporary author of mine, and I enjoyed this book of short stories very much. I don't know how old Berg is but I am guessing she may be in her 50's, as many of her stories were empathetic ones about women of about that age. I did a lot of chuckling as well as relating in reading them. She truly has a gift for speaking with a lot of different voices, from many ages, however. It was very enjoyable and another one that I read through in one sitting.


I have gone no mail on another one of my lists, in preparation for my surgical procedure on Wednesday afternoon. This is one I moderate, but I do need to cut down the amount of e-mail I have, since I am without a computer at home. Thankfully, I found another book that I hadn't read, so my boredom will be lessened for now -- a new John Grisham legal novel. Love them!

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